About Us

The New Westminster Youth Ambassador Society was established to provide a mentorship to young men and women in New Westminster. It is all about building a team and providing professional instruction in etiquette and public speaking.

The Program
The Society achieves its goals through organizing regular events, volunteer opportunities and seminars.

The program runs yearly from September to August. The Society accepts and adjudicates applications from eligible young people. We impose solid behavior guidelines.

Basically we match sponsors with individual team members which is an important part of the mentoring process.

The Society is responsible for funding the program. For this we require the sponsors to pay a fee, we apply for grants, and we organize fundraising events together with the team members.

The video below is an example of a recent event the Team participated in:

Artism is a series of art workshops hosted at 100 Braid St Studios for individuals with atypical physical and cognitive abilities. This is the first workshop where students expressed themselves by painting, drawing and relief printing leaves and fall motifs for the sharing tree. A special thanks to the New Westminster Youth Ambassador Society for volunteering.