The Rules 2016

  1. Applicants must be a Canadian Citizen or landed immigrant and an actual resident of New Westminster for a minimum of one year and the duration of the program.  A maximum of eight applicants will be accepted. At the discretion of the Board, volunteers could be included to assist the Team.
  2. For the period in which the applicant is involved with the New Westminster Youth Ambassador Program and holds the title of Youth Ambassador Team member, the applicant will never have been married or be an expectant parent. Failure to comply will result in the individual being removed from the Team.
  3. Applicants must have reached their 15th birthday by December 31 of the current year and/or not be older than 18 by December 31 of the year of aNew Westminster Youth pplication. A copy of the contestant’s birth certificate must accompany application.
  4. Applicants must be attending school and for the period they are participating as a Team member, must remain in school.
  5. Applicants with minor health issues must obtain their own travel insurance and be accompanied on out of town travel by their parent(s). If applicable, applicants must submit a doctor’s certificate approving participation, along with the prescribed treatment.
  6. Applicants will be removed from the team, if found entering public beverage rooms, drinking alcoholic beverages, using illegal substances or smoking in public while in their role as a New Westminster Youth Ambassador
  7. Applicants will be removed from the team if their qualifications are found to be in contravention of any of the program regulations herein. Applicants may also be removed from the team if they fail to observe any of the instructions or regulations which may be set out by the chaperones and/or supervising officials of the program.
  8. All applicants of the New Westminster Youth Ambassador Team, will maintain standards of exemplary conduct and will not act in any way in their public or private life which will, in the opinion of the New Westminster Youth Ambassador Society Committee, interfere with their duties as a team member, as the case may be or will bring discredit on the City of New Westminster or the New Westminster Youth Ambassador Society. The New Westminster Youth Ambassador Society Committee may give direction to any team member whose conduct, in the opinion of the Society, fails to meet the required standards and may remove the member by written notice in the event that they fail to comply with the direction given.
  9. Team members’ pictures will be used by the New Westminster Youth Ambassador Society for promotional advertising including newspaper, posters and social media.
  10. When using social media sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) discretion must be used when posting photos, comments, etc. The Coordinator and Committee have the right to ask you to take something off your site at any time.
  11. The New Westminster Youth Ambassador Society will provide the official clothing and name tag. If any of these items are lost, stolen or damaged, it is the responsibility of the Team Member to replace the items immediately, at their own expense.
  12. School work, social engagements, or work are not acceptable excuses for being absent without notifying the Coordinator. If you are unable to attend any session or event, you personally must contact the Coordinator in advance.  Unexcused absences could result in point deductions and could affect your grant.
  13. Conduct that is considered to be inappropriate by the New Westminster Youth Ambassador Society Committee will be addressed and may result in removal from the team.
  14. Team members and/or parents/guardians are not permitted to approach their sponsor for additional funds that may be incurred during the program. Additional funds, if required, are the sole responsibility of the Team member and/or parents/guardians.
  15. The Coordinator must be notified if a Team member has been requested to attend a sponsor function. The Team member or parents, may not give permission to attend any function. Permission may only be given by the Coordinator/Committee.
  16. Cell phones are not to be used during training sessions or events.
  17. Team members will conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all functions either private or public. They will conduct themselves with respect, dignity and a cheerful/positive attitude towards committee members, instructors, fellow Team members, sponsors, the media and the program.
  18. ALL Team members are required to take part in fund raising activities as set out by the Coordinator/Committee.
  19. Ladies: you will be required to have a floor length formal gown for the formal functions we will be attending. No above the knee slits, plunging necklines with cleavage showing or backless gowns are allowed. Check with the Coordinator before you purchase the gown if you are in doubt.a. Gentlemen: you will be required to have a dark suit/tuxedo, dress shirt, tie and dress shoes for the formal functions we will be attending.
  20. The official suit/dress, are not to be worn at any time except when instructed to by the Coordinator.
  21. If for any reason a Team member leaves the program or is removed from the team after they are assigned a sponsor and for anything other than a legitimate medical reason (letter from physician required) the Team member is solely responsible for repaying the sponsor’s full sponsorship fee.
  22. An attractive program of events is provided for the Youth Ambassador Team, which may include dinners, luncheons, teas, out of town activities and a meeting with the Mayor of New Westminster and City Council. ALL Team members will be required to take part.
  23. The New Westminster Youth Ambassador Society will provide each Team member with clothing and accessories to wear when representing the New Westminster Youth Ambassador Society.
  24. Team members should be aware that there is a certain time commitment involved during the year.
  25. ALL Team members are required to attend training / information sessions.
  26. Chaperones and transportation to and from each event are provided for all Team members. This includes being picked up from home, school, or work and returned after the function in all instances (unless prior arrangements have been made with the Coordinator).