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The team at 100 Braid Street

The team was happy to help 100 Braid Street Studios celebrate their 5th Anniversary and Grand (re-) Opening Soiree! Congratulations Susan Grieg! 100 Braid St Studios.

Rotary’s Walk for Polio

Much better day than yesterday – sun was out and everyone was in high spirits for the Rotary’s Walk for Polio. Even Willie walked. Thanks Gabor for including our Team.

Hyack Parade

What a wet day for the Hyack Parade. Hasn’t rained like this in 6 years!!!

Thanks Mr. India for riding with the Team and Bill Shokar of the NWFF for driving the Mack. Thanks to Spoof, Vic and Velma (along with their moms and dads) for braving the weather.

Cloverdale Rodeo

What a great day for a parade. Not too hot and NO rain!!

Cloverdale was awesome – thank you Key West Ford for again letting us use the Street Team Truck – what a great vehicle!