Visit To Victoria

From doing her homework on the ferry, to a private tour of the MLA’s library, MLA Judy Darcy introducing the team and showing her office it was a great visit to see our government in action.

New Comers Festival

The Ladies did a fabulous job at the New Comers Festival at Century House today. Lexus was a hit too 🙂

Lunar New Year

What a great day again helping out at the Lunar New Year with Peter Julian and Judy Darcy – as well as some City VIP’s.


Meat draw

Come to the Pioneer’s Pub in Richmond (adults only) to meet some of the dogs/pups, enjoy a great lunch, mingle with friends old and new….all the while having a chance to win at the meat draw and support two worthy causes!

Cinderella Project

The NWYAS Team along with Alumni Valeria, did a great job helping to set up the Cinderella Project this past weekend. From shoes to gowns to suits to personal backpacks the teens were treated to food, makeup and photos. Was so wonderful to be a part of this great project.