Our sponsors form a key part of the NWYAS program.

The New Westminster Youth Ambassador Society is a not for profit society that puts on a program for young men and women agesĀ 15-18 years old, who are residents of the city of New Westminster and who are still attending school.

The New Westminster Youth Ambassador Society provide local youth with an opportunity to experience, among other things, professional instruction in interpersonal skills and public speaking. The goal of the program is to positively influence their lives by providing mentorships that will last a lifetime.

The Youth Ambassadors represent the City of New Westminster and their sponsors, throughout the year by volunteering at various events in the City and Metro Vancouver, along with numerous festivals and parades throughout BC. The Youth Ambassador program assists in the development of confidence, leadership, volunteerism, as well as essential life skills among participants and through the process, develops future community leaders.

Below are listed the various Sponsorship Packages available for 2015-2016.

Your sponsorship will enable the New Westminster Youth Ambassador Team to promote not only our City, but your business as well. Please consider being a sponsor to these wonderful young men and women.

Please contact us atĀ nwyas@shaw.ca or by phone 604-524-5675 if you would like further information regarding our program.

Note: The Sponsorship details are being reviewed and will be reposted as soon as available.