Team 2014/15


Being goal-oriented, Alex strives to gather a large collection of experiences. He has enveloped himself in the insurance industry, with the intention of meeting equal-minded individuals who take an interest in financial preparedness. Through breaking into the insurance industry, Alex seeks to expand his network of relationships, and his repertoire of experiences.

While among peers, Alex is a distinct centre-of-influence, often setting the pace of projects and activities. Being comfortable at leading through example, Alex often ventures away from any level of social security. This is in order to experience new opportunities and ideologies first-hand.
With a strong interest in financial security and corporate law, Alex is pursuing an undergraduate degree with a focus on Finance and Information Technology, with aspirations to one day attend Law School.

Being a fitness enthusiast, the product of 12 plus years of hockey experience, Alex has attained his BCRPA Weight Trainer certification and frequents the weight rooms and ice rinks around the Lower Mainland.

Alex is an active member of the community, filling his schedule with volunteer opportunities from the New Westminster Youth Ambassador Program, having Royal City Centre as his sponsor, Vancouver Coastal Health, Positive Living BC and Small Businesses BC


Born and raised in Sapperton, Carli Henssler has been heavily involved in the community from a young age, through the Royal City Soccer Association, Salmon Bellies Lacrosse, and teaching dance at New Westminster Secondary School for three years. She consequently developed a sincere passion for volunteering and meeting new people and has become a more outgoing and approachable person in the process.

Most recently, she received the opportunity to proudly serve the Royal City in the inaugural year of the New Westminster Youth Ambassador Program as a Team member and would like to thank her sponsor, the Stonewater Group and Oxygen Yoga, for their endless support.

Carli is currently attending BCIT, where she is enrolled in the fulltime Marketing Management program in pursuit of a Bachelor’s Degree and has been elected as Set Representative liaison for her class. As well, Carli was also nominated as Junior Citizen of the Year 2014, sponsored by the New Westminster Chamber of Commerce. In her free time, Carli enjoys working as Cash Manager at Joey Coquitlam, where she has further improved her accounting and leadership skills over the past two years, and tries to attend as many networking events through her school as possible. An active and personable young woman, Carli not only makes her family proud, but her City as well.


Kevin Wang, sponsored by Van Dop Gallery, is a grade 12 student from New Westminster Secondary School who is currently enrolled in the International Baccalaureate program. _ is program is offered to strong academic students. He is fluent in both English and Mandarin and is a very well rounded student.

Aside from proudly representing the city as a youth ambassador, participating in and volunteering for various events, he is also very active at school. Not only is he a former Interact Club leader, he is also the vice president for the Ping Pong Club and Salsa Club, and the organizer, captain and student coach for the school Badminton Team .

This year, he dedicated himself into founding a new club called the MEDLIFE, which is a service club that focuses on fundraising for low income families in Latin America as well as providing high school students with international volunteer opportunities.

In addition, he is also a Cuban and LA style salsa dancer who recently just had performed at the 2014 Vancouver Cuban Salsa Festival along with his team, he is also a competitive badminton player. Kevin’s passion is to become a doctor and to be able to incorporate both the Western and Chinese medical knowledge in order to better treat patients. To achieve this dream, he hopes to study Biology in UBC for his post-secondary education.


Megan Hill was born in Regina, Saskatchewan and moved to New Westminster when she was 3 years old. Megan has attended Herbert Spencer, Glenbrook Middle School and now is a grade 12 student at New Westminster Secondary School.

Megan developed her love for music when she joined the band program in grade 7 at Glenbrook Middle School. She has played three different instruments, beginning with the piano, moving on to the violin and later the trombone. Megan now focuses her attention in the choir program at NWSS, but also participates in the drama program and has participated in this year’s Dance Show and various performances.

Megan sees the value in volunteering; she has been involved with the Reading Buddy program at the New Westminster Library, collecting donations for the BC Cancer Society and the Heart and Stroke Foundation. She tries to immerse herself as much as she can with helping the community.

She is an avid reader, but prefers romance novels above all. She is always looking for new opportunities to practice her French and o_ en reads books to learn more.

Megan plans on attending Douglas College this fall, once she has graduated from NWSS. She plans on studying Graphic Design and Visual Arts as well as taking Creative Writing. She hopes to try various classes in hopes to discover her career path. She is very proud to be sponsored by Key West Ford in the New Westminster Youth Ambassador Program.


An epitome of cheerfulness, pride and resilience, Raunaq Singh is a grade 12 student at New Westminster Secondary, who was selected in September as a team member of the New Westminster Youth Ambassador Society. He is being sponsored by the News Leader. Raunaq is known around the city for his willingness to help and serve the community.

This program has opened new doors for me. It has helped me expand my horizons and adopt a positive outlook towards life.’ said Raunaq.

Since last year, when his family moved from India to Canada, Raunaq has flourished in every aspect. Within the time span of 18 months, he has made his mark and has been busy volunteering. “Its almost a surprise when I don’t see Raunaq at a community event. His willingness to embrace so many opportunities is inspiring.” said Mark Gifford, New Westminster School Trustee.

Raunaq marks a healthy balance between his studies and extracurricular activities. He is involved in leading the Environment Club and the Chess Club at the High School, as well he can be found volunteering at the Royal Columbian Hospital or at the MLA’s office. “Raunaq has been actively volunteering at my community office and I’m really impressed with the depth of his knowledge and passion. He’s doing a great job representing all that’s best in New Westminster”, said Judy Darcy, MLA, New Westminster.

He was recently nominated to represent his school at the Student Leadership Conference being held at UBC in January and has also been selected as a member of the Teaching and Learning in Diverse Classrooms Working Group.

“For the sky, there are no fences intact.” he added. His present activities are a stepping stone to his success. He aspires to attend UBC in the future.


After joining the Interact Club through Rotary, Sandra learned that her passion is helping people, therefore she takes every possible opportunity to participate in community events to give back some of what she has received.

She was born in Iraq and along with her parents and siblings, became a permanent resident three years ago. She has struggled to come to Canada, that’s why she feels blessed to be here and feels that it is her responsibility to give back to her city, New Westminster and inspire others to do the same. She is self-motivated and enjoys working as part of a team.

Sandra not only is going to Douglas College but is also taking online courses through NWSS. She has had the opportunity to work with children and elders, which helped with her confidence and communications skills.

Sandra is very proud to be sponsored by Greens & Beans Deli and is very appreciative of all that Leona Green has done to help out the New Westminster Youth Ambassador Team.

All photos by Gabor Gasztonyi Photography