Team 2019/2020



All photos courtesy of Gabor Gasztonyi photography.


Isabella Bouchard is a grade 10 French immersion student at New Westminster Secondary School. She is passionate about art and has had her artwork displayed in multiple student showcases at the Plaskett Gallery. In addition to her artistic and academic ambitions she loves playing soccer with her friends. She feels the New Westminster Youth Ambassador Society is a fantastic way to give back and create meaningful connections in our community.


Isabella is proud to be sponsored by Koyabel Fitness.

Matthew Campbell is a 16 year old grade 11 student at NWSS. He plays ultimate frisbee and video games in his free time and has a hidden love for film. Matthew is a hard working and accomplished student looking to pursue a passion in the field of engineering and robotics. Matthew found his love for robotics through the engineering program at NWSS. He has completed several large scale projects such as coding basic artificial intelligence and constructing a working hovercraft.

Matthew has greatly enjoyed his time with the NWYAS and is very grateful for this opportunity of give back to his community.

                                       Matthew is proud to be sponsored by Patti & Wes Goss / ReMax Realty

Sarah Gallant is a grade 11 student who attends New Westminster Secondary School. She moved to New Westminster at the age of 4 and has lived here ever since. Sarah is interested in the sciences and plans to study biology in university. As an active girl, she plays both soccer and field hockey, and additionally referees local soccer games in her spare time.

Sarah’s hobbies also include playing piano, drawing, and playing with her cat.

Sarah is very happy to have as her sponsor, Patti & Wes Goss / ReMax

Sarah Horvath is a Grade 12 student at NWSS and has lived in New Westminster her whole life. In the future, she wants to pursue a career in the medical field as she enjoys helping others and wants to pursue her passions relating to biological sciences. Outside of school, Sarah is a pitcher for a high performance softball team and enjoys playing basketball, hiking, skiing, golfing, drawing and playing the piano and guitar. Giving back to her community is especially important for her, which is why she is grateful to have had the opportunity of being a part of this program.


                                      Sarah is very pleased to have The Royal Crown Castle as her sponsor.

Adam Spelrem is a grade 11 student who enjoys staying active and learning. Favourite activities include playing basketball, ultimate Frisbee and competing with the running team at his school. He currently attends BMSS. Out of all his classes at school Adam is most fond of math and sciences. He is looking to pursue higher education in Canada along the lines of engineering or healthcare.

Meanwhile he is exploring job options in multiple areas through volunteering with NWYAS. When he has a chance to chill and relax he likes playing board games and watching TV. Hobbies (and chores) include building and fixing things up around the OLD house as well as making baked goods and Fresh Prep meals for his family.

Adam is happy to be sponsored by The Royal Crown Castle.

Lucy Wang is a Grade 11 student at NWSS, who is currently in the IB Diploma program. Born in China, she moved to Canada when she was 12.

Lucy enjoys playing badminton in her free time and has been a member of the badminton team since 2018. Her passion in biology has guided her in desiring to become a neurologist in the future. She is happy to be a member of this program, and helping out in her community.

Lucy is very proud to be sponsored by Gabor Gadsztonyi Photography.

Emma Zhan is a Grade 11 student in the IB program at New Westminster Secondary School.  Moving from Vancouver to New West in Grade 5, she quickly adapted to the wonderful and caring community.

She enjoys being active as she is in the badminton team, dance salsa and is open to new opportunities.  She loves this program because it allows her to explore and provide service to the community.


Emma is very happy to have  Koyabel Fitness as her sponsor.